Is Black Hole Simulation Possible?

It has been reported that scientists from Amsterdam have created a mini-black hole that started emitting radiation.

Every student has learned about the black hole in their schools and the possibility to study it in detail has always been intriguing.

A black hole refers to a region in space and time where the gravity is so strong that no electromagnetic waves or light can escape that region.

If the black hole expands, life forms can easily get sucked in and disappear forever.

The physicists in Amsterdam University have created their own mini black hole to study quantum mechanics and studies by Stephen Hawking,

The scientists created the black hole in their lab and observed that it began to glow. Also, they used a chain of atoms in a single line to study its behaviour.

In 1974, Stephen Hawking proposed a theory which suggested that black hole emitted a rare form of radiation.

However, the radiation in the experiment shows an anomaly because not even light can pass through a black hole.

It is noted that the entanglement of the particles caused this form of radiation and there is a possibility that there is a region where gravity causes change in space-time warp.

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