Sindh High Court Dismisses the Ban on Joyland

Sindh High Court dismissed the ban against the movie ‘Joyland’ stating that it discourages creativity and growth

A petition was submitted in the Sindh High Court regarding the recently released movie ‘Joyland’ which garnered immense attention and gained multiple nominations.

The petition mentioned that Saim Sadiq’s movie must be banned because the story portrays a romantic relationship between a married man and a transgender woman.

The story violates Islamic teachings and the Constitution, therefore, it should be banned.

However, the judges claim that the petitioner did not challenge the certifications of the film itself and how the movie can offend any constitutional article.

Chief justice Ahmed Ali Shaikh presided over the case and stated that unnecessary bans and censorship negatively impacts creativity and growth.

The judges further discussed that if the censorship board has sent a green signal to the movie, then it is not the responsibility of court to censor a movie.

Moreover, they stated that court is not responsible to morally police the public on their movie choices. Also, it will undermine the freedom of speech and expression of the filmmakers.

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