Indian Teacher Calls Muslim Student ‘Terrorist’

An Indian teacher calls a Muslim student ‘terrorist’ during a class, but the student gave a shut-up call and it became viral content

A video went viral on the internet today regarding Islamophobic views present in Indian educational institutes.

In the video, it can be observed that the professor at Manipal Institute of Technology in Bengaluru called his Muslim student a ‘terrorist.’

The professor at Uppsala University Ashok Swain posted this video on Twitter which garnered millions of views in no time, and everyone in the comment section came to support the Muslim boy.

The student called out his teacher right at that moment and seems rightly offended.

The student is seen asking the professor why did he call him terrorist and that is not humorous at all. The teacher apologized right after but the student pointed out that sorry will not change anything because the teacher portrayed his true feelings onto the student.

Ashok Swain wrote in his tweet that ‘this is what it has been to be a minority in India.’

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