Vasay Chaudhry Confirms Fans Votes Do Not Exist

Vice chairman of the Punjab censor board, Vasay Chaudhry revealed that public voting doesn’t exist in the Pakistani film or drama industry

The actor and director Vasay Chaudhry recently talked about his views regarding the awards ceremonies in Pakistan in an interview.

When asked about the fans and public voting for the awards, he said that it’s a ‘stupid concept’ and ‘ridiculous.’

He said, “This is a not-so-Pakistani yet a Pakistani invention that there is a public voting or polling session, it’s all rubbish.

Vasay stated that public voting does not exist in award ceremonies in Pakistan. It is always the jury that decides who will win and who will lose.

The Yeh Jawani Phir Nahi Aani actor said that he has worked as a jury before and they do not take into account any fan voting whatsoever.

They use these tactics on social media to increase interaction and enthusiasm but apart from that, it does not work at all.

He further added that fans do play an important role in giving the support to a new actor and rising him to the fame that he/she becomes eligible for awards. But after that fans do not control anything.

Vasay said, “Here come the peers, the seniors who will judge their skill sets, be it actor, writer, director or musician. This is where fans are removed from the picture. Even if I have one or two fans or if it’s Fawad Khan with his 20 million fans, they are all removed. Now our skill-set will be prioritised and presented to that jury who will decide which actor, director, writer or whatever wins.”

He further explained, “It’s a big glitch in the Pakistani award system because they do this ‘to increase interaction’ for their award show to expand. It’s ridiculousness.”

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