Worldcup in Confusion Over Ronaldo and Fernandes Goal

FIFA fans are confused as they wish to know who scored the goal in the match between Portugal and Uruguay

Portugal recently won an exciting match against Uruguay with 2-0 that qualified the team for the knockout matches.

However, fans are in awe of the match because of the confusion it caused for the final goal that led Portugal into the next rounds.

Football star Christiano Ronaldo was moments close to being the Eusebio who is Portugal’s record goal scorer. But things changed after a few moments and confusion erupt regarding the last goal.

The Worldcup fans observed that maybe it was not Ronaldo who did the last goal but it was his teammate Fernandes who made the lost shot.

The fans are divided over this issue. Some of them suggest that the long shot by Fernandes was the one that led them to victory.

However, other fans claim that Ronaldo’s headshot was the one that got the goal. Moreover, Ronaldo’s celebration confirmed that it was his score.

This goal will be referred to FIFA panel where they will scrutinise and watch the goal from each angle to analyse who made the score.

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