Daesh Strikes Again in Afghanistan

A blast happened in a madrassa in the northern city of Afghanistan known as Aybak in which dozens of people died

Afghanistan is struggling with an economic crisis along with a terrorism crisis. Another terrorist activity took place in Afghanistan in the northern city of Aybak.

The blast happened in a Jahadia madrassa in the center of the city around 1 in the afternoon.

Many young students and adults study in the madrassa, and many people also come to pray.

The blast killed 16 people and injured more than 24 people.

The interior minister of Afghanistan, Abdul Nafi Takor said, “Our detective and security forces are working to identify the perpetrators of this unforgivable crime and bring them to justice.”

However, people of Afghanistan and Taliban government believes that Daaish is behind this attack as well.

Afghanistan is struggling with many attacks on madrassas and masjid in the recent months.

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