Petrol Princes to Remain Unchanged

Finance minister Ishaq Dar held a television address today to tell the Pakistani nation about the updates on petrol and diesel prices.

He explained in the video that the petrol and diesel prices will remain the same till next fortnight which will be on 15th December.

Dar announced that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif decided to reduce the kerosene oil prices from 1st December till 15th December because it is mostly used by low-income groups.

Furthermore, he announced that petrol will remain at the selling price of Rs. 224.80 per litre, diesel will be sold at Rs235.30 per litre, kerosene oil at Rs191.83 per litre and LDO at Rs186.50 per litre.

He further added that the government has decided to reduce these prices because these are widely used for transportation and agriculture.

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