Tunisia Unable to Qualify for Worldcup

In a fascinating match between Tunisia and France, Tunisia won by 1-0 but still could not qualify for Worldcup knockout matches

The North African Tunisian team beat their opposing team of France in today’s match with 1-0 but still were not able to qualify for the knockout stages.

France had already qualified for the knockout stages after beating Denmark in their last game. They did not need the win against Tunisia.

However, Tunisia needed this win against France and they played with extreme zeal and won the game. Antoine Griezmann scored the winning goal for Tunisia.

But today Australia and Denmark also played against each other.

Tunisia needed Denmark to win this game against Australia to qualify for the next Worldcup stages. However, Australia won against Denmark with 1-0 thrashing Tunisia’s hope to qualify for knockout stages.

On the other hand, although Tunisian fans felt upset over the match but loved Tunisian fighting spirit. France played in a disappointing manner as they have already qualified.

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