Diana’s Conversion to Islam – Humayun Saeed

Pakistani famous actor Humayun Saeed bagged a role in ‘The Crown’ and revealed some secrets from behind the scenes

Pakistan’s most favorite actor, Humayun Saeed has been the talk of the town for a while because of his role in the web series ‘The Crown’ regarding the royal family and Princess Diana.

Humayun Saeed reprised the role of Doctor Hasnat who played the love interest in Princess Diana’s life for a brief period of time.

In an interview, Humayun was asked about his role in the series and if all his scenes were kept in the series.

Humayun replied that some of the scenes were deleted from the final footage.

Moreover, he added that an important and interesting scene was deleted in which Princess Diana asked Doctor Hasnat about converting to Islam.

However, the scene did not make the final cut. But nevertheless, Humayun’s fans praised his performance in the series.

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