NBP, SIAPEP sign Letter to promote High-Efficiency Irrigation Systems

Karachi: National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and the Sindh Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Enhancement Project (SIAPEP), a government initiative, have signed an agreement in Karachi to promote high-efficiency irrigation systems for efficient use of water and crop productivity.

The SIAPEP is providing financial assistance to eligible farmers at the rate of 60% of the total cost of installation of HEIS whereas the remaining 40% cost for HEIS is to be contributed by the farmer. Such farmers at times face difficulty in mobilizing their due share upfront. In this regard, NBP and SIAPEP have agreed to provide financing facilities to eligible and needy farmers for the installation of HEIS.

NBP and SIAPEP will also focus on the capacity building of farmers by providing them with the skills, knowledge, and technologies needed to increase water use efficiency and crop productivity, improve the financial literacy of these farmers, ensure financial inclusion of these farmers, and enable them to adopt modern technologies for increasing productivity and profitability.

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