China Returns to Normal After Policy Reversal

The world’s second-biggest economy returns to normal as Xi Jinping’s government reverses the zero-covid policy

China has been dealing with high covid cases for a long time, so the Chinese government installed a zero-covid policy to eradicate covid.

Under this policy, Xi Jinping’s government tried every possible way to control the spreading covid cases through frequent lockdowns, mass covid testing, and restrictions.

However, the conditions backfired as people became frustrated with lockdowns and restrictions and took to the streets to protest against the zero-covid policy.

After a series of protests and gatherings where people chanted against Xi Jinping’s government and zero-covid policy, the Chinese government decided to ease the policy.

Beijing’s National health Commission announced that they will loosen the zero covid policy, restrictions, and lockdowns.

NHC further added that they will reduce the number of testing and will allow positive cases to quarantine at home by themselves.

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