Fascinating Searches on Google 2022

Google provided the list of the most fascinating searches on the search engine platform at the end of 2022

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world, and people use google to search for everything including movies, games, songs, actors, dramas, and general information.

As 2022 approaches its end, Google decided to provide a list of the top most searches on the search engine platform.

The most searched topic of the year was US elections and the death of Queen Elizabeth and actress Betty White. The most searched word was ‘Wordle’, an online word-guessing game that got people hooked.

The most searched actor was Johnny Depp along with Amber Heard for their public divorce hearings. Will Smith also made the top third on the list because of his fiasco at the Oscars.

People searched a lot about the war between Ukraine and Russia in 2022 as it made the top searches list in the news category.

In terms of TV shows, people widely searched Euphoria and Stranger Things, two of the most popular shows in 2022.

In movies, Thor: Love and Thunder, Encanto, and Black Adam topped the list.

People also searched interesting recipes on Google and the top ones include, overnight oats and homemade cake.

Ali Sethi’s and Shae Gill powerful song Pasoori became the second most searched song on Google trends in 2022.

People also searched for landmarks that include Buckingham Palace in London and Great Pyramid and Egypt.

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