Vitamin D Beneficial for Brain – Scientists

New research by scientists at Tufts University suggested that Vitamin D is beneficial for the brain and reduces damage to the brain

Tufts University in the United States conducted research regarding the effect of Vitamin D on the human brain and they were amazed at the results because scientists knew that Vitamin D is important but did not know that it could be immensely important for the human brain.

Tufts University department on Human Nutrition Research center on Aging studied the effects of Vitamin D on aging people and found out that it has positive effects in the long run on the aging brain.

Scientists revealed that people can acquire vitamin D through tablets, milk, bones, fish, and sunlight. Doctors recommend young people get 600 IU of vitamin D daily and older people require 800 IU of vitamin D.

Scientists studied parts of the brain and found out that in aging brains, the parts which had higher levels of vitamin D remained less affected and showed less damage than parts with less vitamin D.

Further research is still going on regarding the effects of Vitamin D on aging brain.

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