AI Chatbot Generates Informative Essays

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence company that focuses on research regarding artificial intelligence and its manifestations.

Recently, the company introduced its AI chatbot known as ChatGPT which quickly gained popularity on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

It gained more than a million users in a short period of time. People are amazed at the abilities of this AI chatbot and the way it works.

ChatGPT interacts with users in a conversational manner and whatever they ask, it responds in quite an informational and convincing way.

For instance, one of the users asked an English question regarding the novel ‘Wuthering Heights. The ChatGPT responded by generating a 5 paragraph essay for Wuthering Heights.

The essay was detailed and written in academic tone which makes it even more impressive and professional.

However, the ChatGPT does make mistakes about some facts and sentences. But the OpenAI suggests that it recognizes its mistakes and try to recover them as soon as possible.

This new manifestation of artificial intelligence technology has stunned the users and people in the tech field because of its potential.

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