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Decline in Book Reading Habits Due to Mobile Phones

It has been observed that book reading habits are declining day by day and one of the reasons responsible for this is the use of mobile phones.

According to intellectuals, people have stopped reading books because they are always busy with their mobile phones.

Professor Dr. Sahib Khan at the Shah Abdul Latif University in Khairpur also shed some light on the declining nature of book reading habits.

He suggested that people especially students do not read books, reading materials, notes, thesis, and academic research papers in hard copy. Rather they use soft copies on their mobile phones which has reduced the number of book readers over the years.

He further mentioned that young people are usually busy on their phones with activities not related to their studies. They just waste their time on social media scrolling, posting comments, and chatting with their friends.

Dr. Sahib Khan urged students to to read hard copy of books and develop readings habits because it empowers cognitive abilities and create intellectual minds. Moreover, if people read more books, they will also develop good conversational skills with proper knowledge.


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