Imran Khan to Dissolve Assemblies

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf leader, Imran Khan states that he will stick to his plan regarding the dissolution of assemblies

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf revealed its strategy a few weeks earlier regarding the dissolution of provincial assemblies.

Although there were speculations that PTI officials will meet the government officials to discuss the matters and come to a common ground.

However, PTI chairman, Imran Khan stated in an interview that he will stick to his strategy and dissolve the provincial assemblies.

He further said that elections are the need of time, but before that PTI will dissolve assembles.

Imran Khan said, “We will implement our decision to dissolve assemblies. We are holding consultations and preparing our party leaders because negotiations for caretaker set-up will start after the dissolution of assemblies.

When asked about Chief Minister of Punjab, Pervez Elahi’s take on it, Imran Khan stressed that CM Punjab has agreed to be by his side in all decisions. ”

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