Raja Parvez Ashraf to Dismiss PTI’s Resignations

National Assembly’s speaker, Raja Parvez Ashraf suggested that he will not accept resignations from PTI unless satisfied

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf has announced the dissolution of the provincial assemblies in the coming days and Chairman Imran Khan mentioned that he will not change his decision.

On the other hand, National Assembly’s speaker, Raja Parvez Ashraf said in an interview today that will not deseat any PTI parliamentary member unless he feels satisfied and the decision is according to the law.

Raja Ashraf said, “the law dictates of me that even if a member comes to me and says that they have reigned but I have information that they are being pressured and are being forced to give the statement under duress, then I would not accept their resignation.”

He further added, “I will not deseat anyone unless I am satisfied.”

Moreover, he urged the PTI parliamentary members to join the parliament and discuss their case with the speaker, so that decisions can be made based on constitutional law.

Parvez Ashraf suggested that the government and opposition must discuss their differences and all political parties should work together because that is the need of the hour.

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