UK Suffers from Extreme Cold Weather

The United Kingdom is facing extreme conditions of cold weather already with an arctic-like atmosphere disrupting daily lives

The weather department has warned the citizens of the United Kingdom to brace themselves for extremely chilled weather this year.

The MET Office issues a yellow warning for the UK for snow and ice in London and Southeast England and Northern Ireland.

The weather is already cold which has disrupted the daily lives of people as they find it hard to commute in this weather. The temperatures dropped below -10 degrees Celsius.

More than 50 flights were cancelled, and trains and buses also could not work because of four inches of snow stopping their movement.

Moreover, Emergency services have warned people to take care of themselves in this hazardous situation.

Also, four children were found in a frozen lake in a critical condition. The ambulances took them to the hospital where they are fighting for there lives.

Reports reveal that the four children got cardiac arrest because of exposure to extreme cold weather.

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