Military Service Journey Begins for BTS’s Jin

Famous South Korean band BTS member, Jin finally starts his military service as he is the oldest in the group

Jin is a member of the most popular and successful Korean boy band, BTS. The news of his joining the military became a popular topic on all social media platforms.

Fans of Jin all around the world showed their support for his enlistment. Some fans also showed their concern for the artist as military life is a tough life to handle.

However, the 30-Year-old star posted his picture on social media platforms revealing his military haircut to the world and his fans.

He captioned the picture saying, “It looks cuter than I expected.”

In Korea, all men who are able to enlist in the military must do so because Korea is always at war with North Korea. Therefore, they train their abled men to counter any hostility.

BTS member Jin already did his five weeks training at the bootcamp near North Korean border.

Now, he will begin his military service where after training, he will be put on the frontlines.

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