Coming Future Holds Artificial Womb Facility

Hashem Al Ghaili is a biotechnologist who has developed the idea of establishing an artificial womb facility to produce babies

A revolutionary idea has taken the world of technology by storm and it has been surfacing on the internet for a couple of days now.

Hashem Al Ghaili is a biotechnologist and science communicator who has developed a plan for producing a baby in an artificial womb facility known as Ectolife.

Ectolife is a program developed to counter problems related to declining birth rates, complications in pregnancies, childbirth deaths, and infertility issues.

The program will be able to provide 30,000 babies a year. The artificial womb is filled with fluids that are present in a mother’s womb. The baby will get nutrients through an artificial umbilical cord.

The creator suggests that it is a dream project for people who are trying to conceive but fail due to many reasons. However, Ectolife will solve all these problems.

Parents also have a choice to genetically engineered their babies by choosing their eye color, skin color, height, and intelligence levels.

It is a revolutionary idea but Hashem suggests that due to ethical reasons, they are unable to further proceed with the idea. However, the technology exists.

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