APS School Attack – 8 Years of Tragic Memory

On December 16th, 2014, a tragic event happened in Peshawar, Pakistan in Army Public School where terrorists targeted the school and killed 150 people including children, teachers, staff, and security members.

This attack left a mark on Pakistan and will remain tragic for the rest of history. Many parents lost their young children who had dreams of becoming officers and protecting the motherland. However, their hopes were shattered because of this terrorist attack.

Every year Army Public School at Warsak remembers their lost loved ones on the 16th of December and prays for them. All the grieving parents attend the event and share their memories with others.

Pakistan Army retaliated strongly to protect the nation from such terrorists and accelerated Operation Zarb e Azb to eradicate the terrorists from the Pak-Afghan border and Waziristan.

This operation made a significant difference in the law and order situation of the country. The Army Public School opened again and Former General Raheel Sharif himself welcomed the students after the tragedy.

This date remains painful and tragic for all Pakistanis and they will remember their sacrifice for rest of their lives.

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