AquaDom Aquarium Explodes in Berlin

Radisson Blu is one of the finest hotels in Berlin which contains AquaDom with a capacity of million liters of water containing different fish species.

This AquaDom is a huge aquarium in the lobby of the hotel containing more than 1500 fish. However, a tragic incident took place in which the Aqua Dom exploded.

AquaDom is 15.5 meters high and is referred to as the largest standing cylindrical aquarium, but it shattered and the water filled the hotel lobby and came out on the streets.

The rescue teams reached the hotel and tried to examine the scenario. They revealed that due to the cold weather, the rescue operation has become difficult.

The team also stated that AquaDom contained more than 100 species of fish. However, almost half of them died and it is hard to rescue others because of the extremely cold weather in Berlin.

Along with the aquarium shattered glass, the doors of the hotel also burst because of water pressure and flew on the streets. The shattered glass injured two people who were rushed to the hospital.

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