Angelina Jolie to Leave UNHCR Envoy Position

One of the most famous American actors of all time, Angelina Jolie is all set to step down from her position as the special envoy to the United Nations Commissions of Refugees.

Angelina joined the position at UNHCR in 2001 and after spending 20 years giving her services to people who were forced to flee their homelands, working alongside the United Nations, she has decided to take a step back.

Jolie stated, “After 20 years working within the UN system I feel it is time for me to work differently, engaging directly with refugees and local organizations, and supporting their advocacy for solutions.”

However, she did not say that she will leave the aim of helping refugees all around the world. Rather, she believes that she will continue to work for the refugees but in a different manner from now on.

UNHCR also cherishes the efforts and hard work of Oscar-winning actress, Angelina Jolie. The Chief of UNHCR said, “We are grateful for her decades of service, her commitment, and the difference she has made for refugees and people forced to flee.”

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