Argentina Becomes FIFA World Champion 2022

Leonel Messi’s team, Argentina won the FIFA Worldcup Finals, Qatar 2022 after 36 years after a breath-taking and exciting match that left everyone attached to their seats in a nail-biting position.

The game started with Argentina in the lead because of Messi’s goals. However, within 10 minutes, France leveled the score when Mbappe scored 2 goals in France’s favor back-to-back.

Mbappe became the first player to achieve a hat trick in the Worldcup Final. After the second half, Messi came to rescue Argentina and fetched a goal for his team.

Messi created history with his goals as he became the only player to score a goal in every knockout match.

After finishing extra time, penalty shootouts began and Argentina became the World Champions of 2022 FIFA after 36 years.

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