Sindh Assembly Passes the Bill for Human Rights

On Monday, Sindh Assembly passed a much-needed bill called, “Sindh Protection of Human Rights (Amendment) Bill, 2022” to empower and strengthen the Sindh Human Rights Commission institution.

The bill holds that the amendment will look at alternative dispute resolution methods and focus on accountability for the abuse of human rights in business settings.

The bill also suggests that Sindh Human Rights Commission should visit different business premises to view whether they are upholding human rights or not.

Moreover, according to the bill, the Sindh Human rights commission will have nine members who are experienced in the field. The Speaker of the assembly will choose two Sindh legislators to be part of the commission.

Also, the human rights commissioner will assess the working conditions of employees so that the commission can resolve their problems.

The bill suggests, “In view of the country’s international commitment to UN conventions Generalized Scheme of Preference (GSP+) and United Nations Guiding Principles on Human Rights and to make Sindh Human Rights Commission an effective institution to cater contemporary demands and challenges, the capacity and role of the SHRC is required to be strengthened and enhanced so as to make it work in a proactive and response manner and to serve as a provincial alternative dispute resolution forum, in the domain of business and human rights.”


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