Sindh Government Mismanaged Covid Spending – Audit Body

During the coronavirus pandemic in 2019, all countries went through a tough time as millions of people died all over the world and many suffered gruesome symptoms.

A lot of financial amounts were allocated to deal with the coronavirus, to help people get treatment, to provide food and supplies to people, to avoid shortage of basic necessities of life, and to prevent the further spread of the virus.

The auditing body of Pakistan released a report regarding Sindh Government’s performance during the pandemic related to financial matters.

The report suggested that the Sindh government massively mismanaged all the expenses without any transparent accountability.

It also stated that the federal government provided 9 billion Rupees to the Sindh government to provide rations to people affected by the virus, but it was highly mismanaged.

Most of the people did not receive any aid from the Sindh Government.

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