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Women-Only Pink Taxis in Karachi

There are several taxi services in Pakistan such as Uber, Careem, inDriver, and Bykea that are the most popular. However, all of them are mostly run by men. Drivers in these services are men.

Women for a long time have been demanding a taxi service that promotes female driving so women can feel safe going alone at any hour with a female driver without being terrified.

Sindh government has decided to answer women’s appeal.

Sindh government has decided to launch a taxi service that will have female drivers. The government will launch electric taxi services along with pink taxis that female drivers will drive for women passengers.

Sindh Transport Minister, Sharjeel Inam Memon said, “The government is going to start the electrical vehicle (EV) taxi services in Karachi. We have principally agreed to start this taxi service under the Sindh Mass Transit Authority,”

He further mentioned that the services will commence in two phases. One phase will focus on the blue taxis and other phase on pink taxis.

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