Syngenta Pakistan Launches Crop Insurance Program

Syngenta is one of the leading agricultural companies in the world that specializes in all aspects of agriculture and its relation with technology. Syngenta aims to develop programs to save plants and improve the quality and sustainability of agriculture and agricultural products.

Syngenta recently launched a program in Pakistan which is a weather and pragmatic index-based crop insurance program in partnership with Salam Takaful Limited.

According to this program, farmers from Punjab especially from Arifwala and Vehari regions will get PKR. 8,500 pay-out amount.

All the farmers appreciated the efforts of Syngenta for transforming the agricultural scenario in Pakistan. They believe that this program will increase agricultural activities and robust growth in this sector.

Syngenta developed this program to ensure that farmers are not affected by climate change as much and to empower them by solving their problems.

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