WHO Shows Concern as Chinese Hospitals Fill Up

China is witnessing another wave of coronavirus during the Christmas holiday season and the sources suggest that Chinese hospitals are filling up with covid infected patients.

Also, the reports suggest that ICUs in China are filling up rapidly but the mortality rate is quite low, and China reported no deaths on Wednesday.

World Health Organization (WHO) showed its concern over this situation and advised China to deal with it in more effective ways.

China followed a strict zero covid policy to safeguard the nation against coronavirus but eased many of the restrictions because of nationwide protests to lift lockdowns and restrictions.

However,, Emergency chief of WHO, Dr. Ryan said, “In China, what’s been reported is relatively low numbers of cases in ICUs, but anecdotally ICUs are filling up.”

He further added, “We’ve been saying this for weeks that this highly infectious virus was always going to be very hard to stop completely, with just public health and social measures.”

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