Cotton From Prehistoric Pakistan found in Israel

Archeologists have found 7,200 years old cotton from Israel and they believe that it belongs to prehistoric Pakistan. The cotton was found in a small village in Israel.

The Israeli small village is called Tel Tsaf which has many archeological and ancient remains dating back to 7,300 years.

Archeologists from Stanford University, the University of Arkansas, the University of Haifa, and a German museum researched the found cotton and its origins.

One of the researchers suggested that that the cotton found in Israeli village is not local in nature because cotton grows in tropical and subtropical environments with lots of water.

In addition, they mentioned that this cotton has traveled all over the world from prehistoric Pakistan or Indus Valley Civilization and reached Israel through trading.

The study further suggests, “the cultivation of cotton arose independently around the world, including in the Indus Valley and North Africa. However, cultivation in North Africa was later.”

The oldest evidence of cotton was found in Indus Valley Civilization in Mohenjo-Daro in Sindh. That cotton was a piece of cloth glued to a silver vase, which suggests that cotton was present in prehistoric Pakistan and it traveled from Pakistan to Israel.



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