Indian Actress Takes Her Life on the Set

The actress looked depressed on the set for a few days

Indian actress Tunisha Sharma, who starred in the Bollywood film ‘Fitoor’, committed suicide on the set of a TV show.

According to indian media reports, actress Tanisha Sharma committed suicide on the set of a TV show on Saturday, she was rushed to a hospital in Maharashtra state, where she was pronounced died.

The actress committed suicide by hanging herself from the fan of the makeup room on the set of the TV serial. Police said the actress was rushed to a hospital but had already lost her life, according to the Indian news agency ANI.

The TV serial ‘Alibaba: Dastan Kabul’ actress was present in the makeup room along with her co-actor Shezan Khan.

The 27-year-old was found dead in the washroom of the makeup room.

When she did not come out of the washroom for a long time, people broke open the door and she was allegedly found hanging herself.

Sources say that the actress looked depressed on the set for a few days, but the reason why she was depressed is not known.

Tanishaa, worked in several TV serials and also started playing small roles in Bollywood films.

The Reason Behind Tanisha’s Suicude

Actress Tunisha Sharma, who has been accused of committing suicide two days ago, has revealed the reason for breaking up with her relationship with the actress.

After the suicide of Indian actress Tanisha Sharma on the set, her mother and other relatives alleged that Shezan Khan was responsible for Tanisha’s death.

According to Indian media, Tanisha’s mother says that despite being in a relationship with her daughter, Shezan had in relationships with other girls, due to which Tanisha was very upset and then she took the extreme step of suicide.

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