Pakistani Alvir Airways Founder Wins Award

Alvir airways is an upcoming Pakistani airline that aims to combine a comfortable and quality flight experience along with the joy of tourism to explore and enjoy the hidden treasures of Pakistan.

The founder of Alvir Airways is Ms. Huma Batool who is the chairperson of Alvir Airways Private Limited and managing director of Vantage Laboratories Private Limited.

Recently Ms. Huma Batool won an award called the ‘first-ever prime International award 2022’. This award is not only an honor for Alvir Airways but also for the whole of Pakistan.

Huma Batool has the honor of being the first Pakistani woman from the Pakistan Aviation industry to acquire an airline license from the Civil Aviation Authority.

She has worked and studied numerous business models to expand her experience. She’s also greatly involved in prose, poetry, and everything about literature.

Also, Malik Tehseen Awan is the CEO of Alvir Airways.

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