New Advancements in Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death Case

Popular Indian actor, Sushant Singh Rajput died in June 2020 and his death divided the world. Half of the people considered it suicide and the other half treated it as murder.

However, the police also declared it a suicide. But new evidence suggests that it was not a suicide, rather it was a planned murder.

The mortuary staff that performed an autopsy on the late actor said that the body contained marks around the neck and legs which suggests that the body was beaten till they broke.

Mortuary staff, Roopkumar explained, “After Sushant’s death, five bodies were brought for postmortem. We were told that there is a VIP body in it, but it was not known earlier. When I saw Sushant’s body, I told the seniors that I think it is not suicide but murder.

That’s why we should work in the same way. But I was told that you do your work and I will do mine. My job was to cut and sew the body, which I did. That entire postmortem should have been videographed but sir said he wanted to work on the photographs and hand over the body as soon as possible. That’s how we did the postmortem at night.

He further added, “When the clothes were removed, there were beating marks on the body. There were injury marks at two or three places on the neck. It seemed as if the hands and legs were broken due to beating… There were deep injury marks on the body. The video shoot was to happen but whether it happened or not… Seniors were also asked to work on the photos only. So we worked on it.”

Sushant’s sister asked CBI to look into the matter and investigate it in detail to bring justice to her brother.

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