Citizens Evacuate Kherson After Russian Attack

Russian attacks have intensified in the Ukrainian city of Kherson and citizens of Kherson are feeling the area to save their lives.

BBC reported that a thirteen years old Nika Selivanova was leaving her home because of intense attacks from Russia she said, Before they [Russian forces] shelled us seven to 10 times a day, now it’s 70-80 times, all day long. It’s too scary.”

She further added, “I love Ukraine and my dear city. But we have to go.”

Moreover, more than 400 people have left Kherson since Christmas because of heavy bombardment from the Russian side.

The people of Kherson are filled with fear as they leave their city. Hundreds of cars are in the queue line on a checkpost leading out of Kherson. People seem terrified and worried for their city and lives.

However, Russia continues the attack on Ukraine and its cities. Recently, it bombed a nursing ward. There were no casualties but it instilled immense fear in people.

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