Newly Married Couple Dies of Gas Leakage

Another incident of gas leakage happened and took the lives of innocent people. This time it happened in Lahore. Recently, there have been many cases where people died due to gas leakage from cylinders, some got affected because of the explosion of cylinders.

However, that event that happened in Lahore involved gas leakage from an instant geyser and it killed a newly married couple.

Shariq and Hamna were a newly married couple who married a few days back. However, their happiness did not last long. Reports suggest that they were fine and went to sleep in their room. But when the relatives came in the morning and knocked on the door, no one opened it. The relatives suspected something wrong and called the police.

The police came and found the couple unconscious in their room and called the rescue team 1122 who declared the couple dead and rushed them to the hospital.

The couple was moved to the morgue for an autopsy. Moreover, the police revealed that the reason for the death seems to be suffocation from gas leakage from an instant geyser. Also, the police said that they are further investigating the matter.

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