Premier Shahbaz Meets General Asim Muneer

Chief of Army Staff, General Asim Muneer met prime minister Shahbaz Sharif today at PM’s office to discuss matters regarding security issues and the fight against terrorism in Pakistan.

Army Chief briefed PM Shahbaz about the security situation of the country. The premier and Army Chief discussed recebt terrorist attacks that happened in Pakistan and how to deal with such attacks.

Moreover, the upcoming National Security Committee (NSC) also came under consideration will be held on Friday.

NSC is an important committee dealing with national security issues. All the top officials of the country including the Prime Minister, Finance minister, defense minister, information minister, and interior minister will attend the committee. Also, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif will preside over this committee.

Earlier this week, Corps Commanders’ Conference was held presided over by General Asim Muneer in which the top army officials decided to eliminate all the terrorists in Pakistan without distinction and end the menace according to the people of Pakistan.

On Friday, NSC will also discuss the security plan in detail along with National Action Plan and devise an integrated strategy to deal with terrorism in Pakistan and around the Pak-Afghan border.

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