President Stresses on Energy Conservation Plans

At the energy conservation meeting at Aiwan e Sadr, President Arif Alvi emphasized the importance of energy conservation plans. He stressed that Pakistan should adopt comprehensive strategies to conserve electricity, gas, and water to provide welfare to people.

President Alvi suggested that Pakistan needs to think of new strategies, energy-conserving policies, and their implementation techniques to achieve all the objectives in less time.

He said, “a consensus should also be built among all the stakeholders including traders, businesspersons, and representatives of the chambers of commerce and industries for determining the timing and procedure of closing the marketplaces, and businesses, especially in the evenings for energy conservation.”

Moreover, the President mentioned that our Islamic values also teach us to conserve natural resources at all costs and not waste anything. He maintained that the Quran teaches us to save water even when one is performing ablution and the Quran asks us to save resources even if they are in abundance.

Moreover, Arif Alvi also gave an example of the ‘Green Presidency Initiative’ in which the president’s house was shifted to green energy which has reduced energy consumption by 42.5%. He urges the whole of Pakistan to adopt these strategies to conserve all forms of energy

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