Viral Video Shows Men Fighting in Plane

A fight incident happened on the Thai Smile Airways flight going from Bangkok to Kolkata.

A video went viral on the internet of two guys fighting mid-air in an airplane and the fight is not just verbal but turned into a physical one.

It can be seen in the video that an argument started between the two people. One can be observed saying, ‘Shanti se baith (sit quietly)’ and the other person says ‘haath neeche car (lower your hand).’

The airline crew is also seen standing and trying to pacify the situation but two people are not listening to them. Suddenly, one person starts hitting the other person while the other person is just trying to defend himself. The airline crew gets in the middle and finally succeeds in separating the two individuals.

Thai Smile Airways has not commented on the matter as of yet. However, the video went viral over the internet like wildfire.




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