France to Test Arrivals from China for Covid

France has started the process of testing arrivals from China for potential Covid variants.

China has recently decided to scrape off the zero-covid policy because of immense protests from the citizens against the covid restrictions that made their lives miserable and contained.

Due to this decision, China has stopped keeping track of new Covid infections. Therefore, other nations including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Europe have decided to test all the people coming from China for covid variants and infections.

France’s health minister, Francois Braun said, “This control on arrival is not a control to prevent citizens entering our territory but a more scientific control which will allow us very precisely to check different variants.”

He further added, “These are essentially Omicron variants currently in China, and there will be a discussion at the European level in the week to harmonize this model of testing.”

Arrivals from China will have to go through a Covid test and they have to submit an antigen test 48 hours before their flight.

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