Taliban Govt Adopts New Strategy for Economy

The Taliban government has been struggling for a while due to the economic crisis and the unavailability of foreign funding. Now, the Taliban have decided to adopt a new strategy to deal with the economic crisis.

Afghan Commerce Minister, Haji Noorudin Azizi suggests that Afghanistan must focus on growing and using domestic products. Also, the Taliban government should work on international cooperation by making deals with other countries.

He said, “We will start a national self-sufficiency program, we will encourage all government administrations to use domestic products, and we will also try to encourage people through mosques to support our domestic products.”

He further added, “Those who were importing items to Afghanistan from abroad, they are asking us to provide opportunities for investing in Afghanistan and they want to invest here instead of importing from abroad.”

The Commerce Minister said that the Taliban is considering business deals with Russia which is interested in Afghanistan’s mining sector which is worth trillion dollars, with Iran, and with China. All of these countries are interested in trade with Afghanistan and the Taliban government is prepared to strike a deal in a struggling crisis.

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