YouTube Gives Salman Noman Diamond Button

Salman Noman is Pakistan’s top YouTuber who has reached 10 million subscribers recently and the giant social media platform held a ceremony in his honor to present him Diamond Play Button.

Diamond Play Button is an honorary award that YouTube gives to people who achieve different milestones in their YouTube journey.

Salman Noman is a content creator who created his content as a musician and a year ago had 500,000 subscribers. But within a year, due to his creative content, growth, and his constant uploads on YouTube shorts, he reached the 10 million subscribers milestone.

YouTube itself held a special event to congratulate and award Salman Noman with Diamond Play Button. Only 1000 creators have been able to achieve this milestone.

Salman took the award and thanked everyone. He also shared his journey on YouTube, his secret to success, and his future plans on the social media platform.



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