Ex-Army Adil Raja Accuses Pakistani Actresses

Pakistani famous actresses are all trending in the news and on social media platforms lately due to an alleged accusation against them.

Pakistan ex-army officer, Adil Raja is also a YouTuber under the name ‘SoldierSpeaks’ and has more than 290,000 subscribers.
and in his recent video, he said something that caught everybody’s attention regarding popular and loved Pakistani actresses.

He claimed that some Pakistani actresses are used as ‘honey traps’ by the country’s establishment order. However, he did not name the actresses but mentioned their initials only.

Since he dropped the video, people have been speculating that all the actresses’ initials he mentioned are related to the army-based dramas produced by ISPR.

The names of actresses including Sajal Aly, Hania Amir, Mahira Khan, and Kubra Khan have been circulating on the internet since the release of Adil Raja’s statement.

Sajal Aly responded by saying, “Sadly, our country is becoming morally debased and ugly; character assassination is the worst form of humanity and sin.”

Moreover, Kubra Khan went one step ahead and threatened Adil Raja for spreading false information, and that she would sue him.

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