Khwaja Asif Explains Govt. Plan to Conserve Energy

Defence Minister Khwaja Asif has approved the energy conservation plan developed by the government to support the economy and balance energy resources. Khwaja Asif explained the plan in a press conference.

Khwaja mentioned that a cabinet meeting was held to discuss the plan in detail and Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif presided over the meeting. He went on to say that the meeting decided that marriage halls will be closed by 10 pm and markets by 8.30 pm. Moreover, Asif suggested that this policy will save them Rs.60 billion.

Furthermore, Khwaja explained that fans that use 120-180 watts of energy must be banned so that people only use energy-efficient fans to save electricity. Energy-efficient fans are readily available in the market and they save electricity.

Asif also revealed that after February 1 incandescent bulbs would not be manufactured and additional taxes will be imposed on the ones that were imported. He stated that an additional Rs22 billion could be saved by the initiative.

He also proposed that streetlights will be used alternatively and that half of the streetlights will remain powered on and which would save Rs. 4 billion. He stated that government offices will conserve 30% of electricity.

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