Ramiz Raja’s Anger, Reason Comes to Light

The former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja reacted on Tuesday to the reports regarding his angry punches on the table at the ICC meeting ۔

Ramiz Raja while talking to a private channel said that when I punched in the ICC meeting, Pakistan got the Champions Trophy and Asia Cup.

Ramiz Raja said that the purpose of my anger was actually for the good of Pakistan cricket, the ICC can never take away the Champions Trophy because of my punches.

Ramiz Raja said, “I asked for three million dollars for the international league, what was wrong in it for the good of my board?”

Former PCB chairman Ramiz Raja said that if Pakistani players play in the international league, then we should also benefit

Ramiz Raja Refused to Take His Belongings

Following the events, Raja refused to take back his belongings from the cricket board.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) sent the former chairman’s items to his house twice, both times Ramiz Raja did not meet the PCB representative.

For the second time, Ramiz Raja’s wife refused to receive things, for the third time the PCB representative called Ramiz Raja to send things through courier, Ramiz Raja also refused to receive things through courier.

On the other hand, things that Ramiz Raja left in the PCB include 1992 World Cup Riplica shirt, two glasses boxes, a fennel box.

Ramiz Raja’s luggage also includes a shield, a cap, a PCB bag, a laptop and a few accreditation cards۔

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