UK to Provide Visa in 15 Days to Indian Students

Visa processing is about to get a lot easier for Indians because the government of the United Kingdom has decided to increase the processing efficiency and give visit visas to Indians within 15 days.

British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis mentioned that the percentage of Indians is increasing day by day in the United Kingdom where Indian people come to study and work in large numbers. He mentioned that the percentage of Indian students has surged by 89% in the last year.

Moreover, Alex suggested that along with visit visas, work visas will also be processed at a rapid pace and will be processed in 5 days for Indian workers.

There is a huge demand for work visas, therefore the UK government urges workers to visit as quickly as they can to start their processing in just five days because the demand is quite high for UK visas.

Furthermore, the authorities revealed that some complicated visas may take more time because there are several Indian students on visas. Also, India has beaten China as being the largest nationality that is issued sponsored student visas.

The government of the UK has asked people to apply for a visa three months in advance to get their process started quickly and smoothly.

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