Canada Sets Record for Highest Immigration Rate in 2022

Canada has granted 4,37,000 immigration grants to immigrants last year in 2022, setting a record for the largest annual intake of people in Canadian history.

The government of Canada has always focused on boosting the economy with the help of immigrants and almost 100% of the Canadian economy runs on immigrant labor.

The immigration minister of Canada stated that Canada set a record for granting immigration in 1913 which it broke in 2021, and now it rose further by 9% in 2022. Moreover, Canada plans to allow 1.45 million immigrants by 2025.

The reason behind this rapid pace of granting immigration is the labor shortage in the market. Canada is still facing a shortage in the healthcare system and other industries.

Ottawa is planning targeted draws for skilled immigrants for the first time in 2023, allowing it to cherry-pick applicants with the most in-demand skills for the regions of the country that most need workers.

However, the demand for Canada is too high and Canada struggles to cater to that demand, especially after Covid as the applications of immigration delayed. And now more than 5 million new applicants have applied which will take plenty of time to process.

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