Girls’ Education Suffers in Bajaur, Peshawar

Education is the basic right of any individual but girls in Bajaur district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are finding it hard to access education.

It has been witnessed that there is only one girls’ college in Bajaur while there are six boys’ colleges.

Moreover, the only girl’s college is located in Khar which is the central district. This makes it difficult for girls in rural areas to pursue education because of conveyance and traveling problems.

The News Channel, Express Tribune visited the area to talk to the residents regarding the issues of girls’ education. The residents explained that girls’ education is not the priority of people in Bajaur that is why they do not build colleges for girls.

One of the local students said, “When I passed matric I wanted to continue my studies but was unable to do so because I am a resident of Inayat Kalay in Khar and there is no nearby higher secondary school or college.”

The student further added, “You cannot reach there using public transport. Whether public transport is safe and suitable for girls is yet another story.”

More than 500 girls leave their education after matric every year in Peshawar because of no access to education.

The government is trying to solve the issues of education but people feel hopeless.

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