Tariq Cheema Urges People to Stop Eating Chicken

Prices of everyday commodities are increasing day by day all over the world. Pakistan is also struggling in the face of high inflation rates and people’s appeals to lower prices.

Federal Minister of Food and Security, Tariq Basheer Cheema held a press conference to address the issues of high prices in food commodities.

He said that there is a shortfall of 17,000 bags of flour in Islamabad. Regarding the prices, he said that the Provincial government takes care of the prices of food commodities and they are answerable for it.

Tariq Basheer further said that flour mills raise the prices of flour falsely and according to their liking, and provincial governments are responsible for controlling food prices.

Moreover, he urged people to stop eating chicken and he himself does not eat chicken because the poultry farms use soybeans to raise chickens which are causing diseases in chickens and people.

Regarding sugar, he mentioned that the government agreed to bring 1 ton of sugar but they have been unable to obtain even 1kg of sugar, even though sugar prices have become lower in the international market.

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