WHO Shows Concern Over China’s Covid Plight

China has witnessed a surge in Coronavirus variant cases but after the Chinese government scraped off the zero covid policy, there is no date to show the number of infections.

The whole world including the World Health Organization (WHO) shows concern over the number of infections in China because the funeral homes and death reports show huge numbers but the government is not releasing any official data.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus suggests that the UN agency is keeping track of covid cases in China by looking at the records of hospitalization of citizens.

He stated, “WHO is concerned about the risk to life in China and has reiterated the importance of vaccination, including booster doses to protect against hospitalization, severe disease, and death.”

Many hospitals and funeral homes in China claim that they have been overwhelmed by the number of covid infections and deaths. Health experts claim that China has suffered 1 million deaths this year due to Covid.

However, Chinese state media suggests that everything is under control and they are controlling the spread of the virus efficiently.

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