Balochistan to Promote Handicraft Industry

Handicraft items in Pakistan are loved all over the world because of their unique designs. They are mostly produced in rural areas and Quetta, Balochistan.

The Balochistan government has decided to strengthen the inherent talent of local crafters to promote their products on an international level.

The government suggests that handicraft is an integral part of the cottage industry in the province and must be promoted.

Moreover, it is decided that the government will promote neglected talent and handicraft makers in rural and semi-urban areas of the province. The government plans to achieve this goal by arranging exhibitions, trade fairs, and craft bazaars to promote the products in the local and international markets.

There is a huge demand for handicraft products in the international market and Balochistan can cater to this demand.

Furthermore, the Balochistan government suggests that along with the development of infrastructure, human development is also necessary to produce better quality of handicrafts, embroidered items, and even jewelry which is quite popularly made in rural areas.

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